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Coral8 Eclipse Plugin

The Coral8 Eclipse Plugin is an extension of the Eclipse open source development platform. The Eclipse Plugin consists of components that allow monitoring and managing Coral8 Server clusters as well as developing and debugging CCL queries.

The Plugin allows developers the ability to develop and debug CCL queries from the Eclipse Framework. The plugin includes the following features:

  • A plain-text CCL queries editor, with syntax highlighting and auto-complete for syntax keywords
  • Commands to start and stop CCL queries
  • A Stream Viewer for CCL queries
  • The ability to import XML-based CCL files


The following developer's extensions are added to the Eclipse platform:

  • A CCL files editor
  • A CCL file wizard
  • A Coral8 project nature
  • A Coral8 project wizard
  • A Coral8 launch command, shortcut and configuration
  • A Coral8 Stream Viewer view
  • A Coral8 top-level menu item


For administrators the Plugin allows Coral8 Server cluster monitoring and management capabilities from the Eclipse framework. The plugin utilizes the Coral8 Status SDK to obtain information about the current status of the Coral8 Engine. This plugin includes a real-time display and automatic update of the following:

  • A list of workspaces defined in the current installation of the Coral8 Engine
  • A list of projects running in a given workspace
  • Runtime status information about projects and containers
  • Alerts and/or errors associated with running projects
  • A list of the Coral8 Server Containers in the Coral8 Server cluster
  • A list of projects running in a given Server Container


The following administrator's extensions are added to the Eclipse platform:

  • A Coral8 Admin view that displays a list of connected workspaces and projects running in the workspaces
  • A Project/Workspace Status view that displays the status information for the selected object